We ask all our Staff and Guests

Our Reopening Protocols

Dear Friends and Guests,

As humanity slowly awakens from the enforced slumber like animals’ surface after their winter in hibernation, the world is a different place. People have had the chance to reflect on their lives, priorities, their health and well-being etc. The planet has had a chance to heal. A pushback on pollution will hopefully have some longer-term effect on the gains made to the environment.

What we realized hasn’t changed is mankind’s inbuilt quest to travel, explore and make memories. In fact, if anything, it has increased as we evaluate what is truly important to us and that is family, friends, relationships, sharing and making memories with them. This thankfully truly defines humans.

Meanwhile, our Parks and Reserves make fervent headway in recovery. The rainy season being upon us favours the regeneration of complex grasses and bush providing sustenance to the trophic pyramid. Less vehiculate movement is providing for the re-emergence of unrestricted freedom amongst the complex but fragile bird and mammal species. Off-roading territories and temporary game tracks that once hampered game movement and breeding grounds, are now in reclamation.

What we at Ashnil found was of most comfort during the past few months was the trust and hope that “this too will pass”. We never lost that faith and trust in ourselves, our people, our properties and our philosophy to see the positive in every challenge and to find opportunity in adversity. We held each other up during the darkest moments and honoured our promise to ourselves to come away better than before. We embarked on the implementation of a new ERP Software System, increased our fruit, veggies & herbs production at each Camp, created a new online web portal, introduced QR Codes, conducted improvements and renovations and perfected the art of Zoom Meetings!

The Ashnil Family welcomes you back to our lovely properties in the knowledge that we are ready and fully prepared to WHO and Govt of Kenya Standards of Health, Hygiene and Sanitation in our commitment to keep you heathy and safe!


Best Wishes,

Rajan Bhandari

Managing Director

How to Protect Yourself

Social Distancing

We kindly ask that you try to keep your distance from others not in your party to around 2 meters. Social Distancing is one of the best methods of limiting the spread of the virus. Even if we are slightly apart don’t forget to wave.

Regular Hand Washing

Try to wash your hands regularly for about 20 seconds. Washing your hands with soap and water pulls the virus apart and the same properties of soap that help clean your hands also carries the virus with it. Using hand sanitizer is a good quick alternative and can be done when or wherever.

Wear a Mask in Public Places

You should try to wear a face mask to help protect others when in social spaces; especially if you are in a situation where you cannot keep your distance.

Temperature Checks

We screen people entering public areas with infrared thermometers to check if you have a fever. It’s quick and simple and works at a distance.